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Tom Cimino

Public Officer – Chief Financial Officer

Tom Cimino brings over thirty years of Banking and Finance to the group. He has held Management and Senior Management positions working with Australian Banks including Monte dei Paschi Di Siena an Italian Merchant Bank in Sydney. In 2003, Tom was a founding Director/Shareholder of F.S.N.G. Pty Limited (Finance Solutions Network Group) this Company continues to trade today.

Since 2006 Tom has also held the position Secretary/ Licensee of the Manly Vale – Calabria Bowling Club Limited as a volunteer. Apart from his Finance background, Tom is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Business Broker.

Tom will hold the position of Chief Finance Officer for Premium Food Australia, He will be controlling the Cluster’s accounts and financial operations. His experience in similar positions and his Business background in Managing his own business and dealing with various levels of compliance requirements will ensure that the groups finance is well managed and controlled. He has developed sound skills in assessing credit risk and has helped many SME’s is securing required finance needs for the Business needs.


Pascal Gelugne

Senior Project Manager – International Operations

Pascal has a solid scientific and IT background and a long experience in setting up and managing overseas subsidiaries of highly-internationalised SMEs. Pascal has been managing among others the operations of an Australian SME, specialised in producing high quality ingredients for the food industry. His wide-range of skills provided him with the capacity to ensure food ingredients are produced at the highest quality standards, the supply chain is always maintained at the highest efficiency levels, and the customers, suppliers and partners are proactively engaged with to strengthen the company’s business relationships with.

Pascal holds a PhD in Geology from the University Paris XI – Orsay in France.

At Premium Food Australia, Pascal is in charge of advising and assisting the Association members in their strategic operations and more particularly in setting up subsidiaries, joint-ventures and Greenfield operations in foreign markets.


Tony Rahal

Senior Project Manager – Learning& Development

Tony has worked over 15 years in various management roles within the hospitality industry before he started teaching in 2013 at Southern Cross University, Open Colleges, SAI Global and the International House specialising in Learning Design, Training, Quality and Compliance.

Throughout his career, Tony has worked with diverse learners in various settings encompassing higher education, vocational classroom, online and industry corporate environment. He is passionate about developing, extending knowledge and supporting learners in their chosen field and constantly receives positive feedback for implementing strategies to improve student outcomes. Tony has also worked on a research project with the NSW Department of Education gaining insights into Aboriginal Education and focusing on the importance of gratitude to enhance social and emotional wellbeing.

Tony has completed a Master of Business Administration from Western Sydney University after finishing a Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. He also holds a Bachelor of Education (Honours) from the University of Tasmania majoring in Global Education.

At Premium Food Australia, Tony is in charge of the Association’s engagement with universities and other providers of tertiary education & training. He is the first contact-point at PFA for graduating and recently graduated students and interns as well as for their induction, learning & development and finally their recruitment by PFA.


Omid Taebi

Project Manager – Web Design and Social Media

Omid is a versatile digital designer (web design and user experience design) with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. He started his professional career in 2007 in the banking sector, then he moved to the United Kingdom to study master degree in Information System Management field, as a result, He published a book in web and mobile application designing area. In addition, Omid holds a bachelor degree in Information technology.

At Premium Food Australia, Omid is in charge of the Web design and Social Media marketing.
At Premium Food Australia, Omid is in charge of the Web design and Social Media marketing.


  • Your expertise in the agribusiness and food industries
  • Your knowledge of the language, culture and business culture of a foreign market
  • Your professional skills in international business, marketing and trade
  • Your enthusiasm and motivation to learn one or more of the above attributes

Just send us a one-page Expression of Interest to info@premiumfoodaustralia.com.au

Highlighting your knowledge, skills and achievements as well as your motivations to be part of the Premium Food Australia team.