Our international network has gathered at recent meetings with over 120 potential customers and buyers from 45 different countries.

  • 1. North American importer and distributor with access to over 3,000 supermarkets is looking to source sweets, candies, health drinks and other food products from Australia.
  • 2. One of the largest distributors of food ingredients in Europe is looking for Australian indigenous spices, herbs, sauces and other Australian for the food production industry.
  • 3. A major wholesaler of meat products is interested to import and distribute Australian beef in the Greater China region with preference for branded organic beef.
  • 4. A large importer and distributor is keen to source Australian organic seeds, oilseeds, nuts and other ingredients for the food manufacturing industry in Western Europe.
  • 5. A producer and distributor of organic and conventional seeds and fertilisers in the Middle-East are interested to expand their product range with Australian products.
  • 6. A European wholesaler is interested to import organic coffee beans, bulk organic coconut water, bulk organic hempseed, avocado, macadamia oils for the HORECA industry.
  • 7. A fast-growing e- platform in North Asia is looking for a wide variety of Australian organic F&B products like honey, dried fruits, packed cereals, juices, oils… for e-Distribution.
  • 8. A highly specialised and well-connected distributor is interested to source organic pulses and organic beans from Australia for the European food production industry.
  • 9. A very large SE Asian distributor of a wide range of health ingredients and additives to the food production industry is looking to import Australian premium food products.
  • 10. A specialized distributor of organic baby food is interested to expand its offer to the retail business in Europe with premium organic products from Australia.
  • 11. A fast-growing producer and retailer in confectionary and bakery industry is looking to source a wide range of ingredients from Australia for their own operations in Europe.
  • 12. A trading company based in South Asia is interested to import quality food and food ingredients from Australia for their customers in the region.
  • 13. A highly innovative EU retailer in premium organic food products is keen to source Australian indigenous herbs, spices and packaged food products for their supermarkets.
  • 14. A trading company is interested to source quality dairy products and oils from Australia for their clients in North Asia.
  • 15. A growing manufacturer of biscuit and confectionary in the Middle-East is interested to source Australian ingredients for their own production.
  • 16. A large European producer of pastries and snacks is interested to use high-quality Australian ingredients for their own products with preference for organic ingredients.
  • 17. A fast-growing e-Commerce platform is keen to add Australian premium quality F&B products to their HORECA clients in South East Asia.
  • 18. An innovative and fast-growing Western European distributor and retailer is looking to add Australian health food and ingredients to its current offer.
  • 19. A major European distributor and retailer is interested to import healthy, functional and branded snack products from Australia.
  • 20. A highly specialised European distributor of top quality ingredients and condiments to the high-end HORECA and retail sectors is interested to source Australian quality sauces.
  • 21. A large group of companies based in Europe, Asia and North America is looking to source peanuts, tree nuts and edible oils from Australia.
  • 22. A large Eastern European importer of processed and branded food from the EU, Asia and North America and interest to start importing Australian quality F&B products.
  • 23. A large and fast growing supermarket chain in the Middle-East is keen to start importing premium packaged and branded F&B products for their 140 stores.
  • 24. Top producer of quality processed and branded food in East Europe is considering using a wide variety of premium ingredients from Australia for their own production.
  • 25. A large producer and distributor of food ingredients is interested to source raw and processed ingredients like yeast and molasses for their production and client in Central Asia.


Your company has capacity and interest to seize one or more of the listed business opportunities, just complete and send us the form below. We will come back to you with feedback and a suggested follow-up.